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Kids Gone Viral

Viral videos are special because they all feature something that we can appreciate. And if you stop to think about viral videos, you might find that a lot of them feature children. Yes, those (mostly) innocent bundles of joy who unknowingly do something on camera to make us all say "awww". We usually like to give these videos to you in small doses... but here you're liable to OD. Watch out, though, for those reminders of how un-adorable kids can be... they'll make you laugh, but day-um!

Décalé Gwada Blondinette view now
Melissa Roth

Journalist / Web Producer: Melissa Roth
Journalist, Author, Web Producer

Décalé Gwada Blondinette

Music (Dance), Viral (Kids / Babies)
[3:03, from YouTube]

When I was this age, my Scottish grandfather taught us the “do-wacka-do” dance, where we made our knees turn in and out with our hands cris-crossing. Little did we know he was teaching us African dance moves that would make us happenin’ club kids today. This six-year-old’s grandpapa might have a heart attack if he stumbles upon this international viral hit – some of her moves would give Shakira a run for her money – but the little Congolese blonde is showing the world a thing or two about cross-cultural, cross-generational do-wacka-do-ing.