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eGuiders Favorites: Picks for Summer

It's the middle of summer and that means you are, or should be, spending your free time outside, being active, and eating some good BBQ. When it's time to unwind take a break and watch some of these videos - they'll make you want to get right back outside and enjoy the warm, sunny weather. Remember... summer is more than a season - it's a state of mind.

Monster Wave's Secrets Revealed view now
Melissa Roth

Journalist / Web Producer: Melissa Roth
Journalist, Author, Web Producer

Monster Wave's Secrets Revealed

Docs & Non-Fiction (Nature, Sports)
[0:56, from BBC]

Have you ever wondered what a dolphin sees when he’s watching a big wave surfer? This video will slack the jaw. For the first time, an underwater camera captures in slow-motion high-def the unfurling of a 12-foot “monster power wave” just as it curls. And somehow surfer Dylan Longbottom makes the perfect exit, though all we see is him getting swallowed. Part of the BBC’s new series "South Pacific."