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The Best "Downfall" Parodies

Hitler was evil and had few, if any, redeeming qualities. But if one good thing came from his existence, it's a movie called "Downfall" that lead to these very entertaining parodies.

Hitler Reacts To Nine Inch Nails Canceling Their Show view now
Melissa Roth

Journalist / Web Producer: Melissa Roth
Journalist, Author, Web Producer

Hitler Reacts To Nine Inch Nails Canceling Their Show

Comedy (Dark Comedy, Spoof), Viral (Re-edits)
[3:57, from YouTube]

Talk about a quick turnaround. Hours after Nine Inch Nails canceled one of their final farewell concerts in LA, Hitler’s minions were at it again, leaking the Führer’s foaming fury (this time about the missed show) all over YouTube. Actually, you’ll kinda wonder if NIN isn’t somehow behind this video, as it does a good job of defusing the “angry fan” (you don’t have to go all HITLER on us!), and offers up some useful info on their last few dates. And hmm, according the creator’s bio, he did direct a doc about NIN buddy Marilyn Manson…whom Hitler suspects will make an appearance at the Wiltern dressed as Stalin. “Oy Vey!” What’s a Führer to do?