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Best Sequence Shot Ever

Other Gems (Film Clip)
[ 0:56 - from YouTube ]

The title of this video is extreme, but I have to agree that this simple sequence is ravishing and stands as a work of art. In his 1975 masterpiece "The Mirror" Andrei Tarkovsky paints a memory assemblage that is non-narrative, stream of consciousness, and autobiographical. It's what some call a "film-poem," blending scenes from his childhood with his present relationship with his mother, ex-wife and son. The house on fire image is especially stunning. 

Julian Camilo Pozzi

eGuider: Julian Camilo Pozzi
Playwright/Video Producer, House of Broken Windows

Julian Camilo Pozzi is producing traditional and new media projects that strive to combine compelling entertainment with pressing social concerns. He is interested in supporting and collaborating with like-minded professionals.

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