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Dust 514

Docs & Non-Fiction (Video Games / Interactive)
[ 1:54 - from Viddler ]

This game gets my excitement bone flaring, though I still have tons of questions about it. The peeps behind EVE Online the crazy spaceship MMO is coming out with this console MMO/FPS mash up. Yes I know that asks more questions then it answers but hey... looks hot right?! 

Alexander Albrecht

eGuider: Alexander Albrecht
New Media / Television Personality and Podcaster

Alex is best known as the host of Diggnation, a weekly video podcast produced by Revision3. He also teamed up with his two buds Dan and Jeff to create the raddest show on the net, The Totally Rad Show, which rips into the world of media and pulls out what's rad. Alex is also responsible for putting together Project Lore, a show about all things related to World of Warcraft. Originally from Virginia, he has been part of the Hollywood scene since 2001 when he founded the improv-comedy troupe The Misfit Toys. Since then, Alex has enjoyed a career as a television personality and commercial actor, often cast in nerdy roles.

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