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Gervais Meets Shandling

Other Gems
[ 8:22 - from YouTube ]

Part 1 of an excellent little documentary following The Office's Ricky Gervais as he meets one of his heroes, Gary Shandling. Shandling's stand-offishness combined with his air of self-importantance gives the interview an undeniable edge. Gervais is there for a laugh, but Shandling won't let Ricky get away that easy. 

Alex Goldberg

eGuider: Alex Goldberg
Filmmaker and Writer, Sunset Television, Weird Days 

Alex is a writer, director, editor and founder of Sunset Television, an online comedy show. He makes music videos as part of the Weird Days collective. Born in Brooklyn, NY, he is currently pursuing his MFA in screenwriting at Columbia University. 

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