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Kentucky's Famous Turtle Catcher

Docs & Non-Fiction (Profiles)
[ 5:37 - from Break ]

This video profiles one of the most fearless (and toothless) men I’ve ever seen, Kentucky turtle hunter Ernie Brown, Jr. If you've ever assumed catching turtles was easy, think again. It takes a whole lot of patience, precision, and insane rebel yells. 

Andrew Zilch

eGuider: Andrew Zilch
Writer, Filmmaker

Andrew served as a writer-producer-director for HBO’s Runawaybox comedy team and was recognized as a Webby Awards Honoree for the DirecTV web series based on his original character “Marty”. Most recently, his music documentary STORYHILL: PARALLEL LIVES was released on DVD and has taken honors in multiple film festivals. Andrew is a member of the Very Angry Neighbors sketch comedy group whose work has been featured on Good Morning America, the CW, and the G4 network.

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