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The World's Largest Gummy Bear

Docs & Non-Fiction (Food / Cooking), Viral (Pick-me-ups)
[ 1:45 - from YouTube ]

I love gummy bears. But I'm scared of this one. The narrator talks about all kinds of cool ways to interact with this newborn baby-sized bear (including feeding it and teaching it how to play the piano!) At 5 pounds, 12,600 calories and the equivalent of 1,400 regular-sized bears, I wouldn't mind holding on. But truth be told, I'd feel guilty biting its head off! 

Scott Kleinberg

eGuider: Scott Kleinberg
Senior Editor for digital and print and Social Mediaologist at RedEye 

With a coffee cup always in one hand and an iPhone in the other, I’m in charge of finding the buzzworthy topics people in Chicago are talking about and finding fun ways to keep people talking. I’m also the manager of RedEye’s entire social media operation. I live in Downtown Chicago with my wife, and, because I spent 15 years in Pittsburgh before moving here, I’m unique in that I don’t root for the Cubs, White Sox or Bears. 

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