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Knee-Slapping News Bloopers

Biggest News Blooper Ever view now
Eli Batalion

Core eGuider: Eli Batalion
Writer / Producer

Biggest News Blooper Ever

Comedy (Bloopers), Other Gems (TV Clip), Viral (Shock)
[0:35, from YouTube]

Shepard Smith's classic blooper moment - gotta feel bad for the dude. Or do you? After watching him make a spectacle of Jane Skinner's "Top Cock," it's not so easy to forgive him for this one.

  • Top Cock

    Poor Jane Skinner totally gets herself together and recovers after her ... more

  • Hamster Mug Shot

    I don't know why they're necessarily ruling four-legged creatures out as ... more

  • Anti-Fox Rant

    This is a whole big bowl of awkward. Reminds me of Jon Stewart on ... more